Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

Your Mouth Making You Sick

This infographic is from Atlanta Dental Spa, 3189 Maple Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30305, 404-816-2230. There are about 600 different strains of bacteria in your mouth.  Some of which control the natural environment in your mouth.  Others, if they populate in greater numbers can cause a host of problems. Not just to your teeth and gums but to the rest of your body.  Every time you each, chew gum or even swallow you could possibly be ingesting very virulent bacteria.  Those bacteria can then enter our bloodstream and the effects can be very dangerous. Science is just finding more and more evidence that links the health of our MOUTHS to that of the rest of our body.  This is sometimes called the Oral Systemic Connection or the Body Mouth Connection.

Source: Atlanta Dental Spa