How Laughter Helps You

In present technology driven world, most of the individuals are working round the clock in order to achieve their targets or meet their project deadline. Medical research shows that laughing has been one of the effective methods to treat variety of diseases like insomnia, heart attacks etc. Several mental benefits and health benefits can be availed through laughing.

Few benefits of laughing are depicted clearly in the below infographic:

Improves the quality of sleep and prevents the person from insomnia.

It enhances problem solving ability and creativity in human beings.

Reduces depression and relieves person from stress, anxiety and anger.

Boosts up immune system and increases the disease fighting capacity.

Stimulates and helps in releasing endorphins that results in creating a positive mood.

By improving the functioning of blood vessels there will be good amount of blood circulated to all parts of the body.

Relives muscle tension and increases pain tolerance.

Makes the individual to feel more open minded and confident.