Ashtanga yoga morning infographic

Ashtanga yoga morning infographic


Understanding the Phases of Clinical Trials (INFOGRAPHIC)

Understanding the Phases of Clinical Trials INFOGRAPHIC

Allied Health: Anatomy of a Growing Industry

Allied Health: Anatomy of a Growing Industry

Women and Heart Health Infographic

Women and Heart Health Infographic

Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

Your Mouth Making You Sick?

How to Become a Medical Assistant

How to Become a Medical Assistant

How travel is good for your health

How travel is good for your health infographics.

Social Commerce Psychology Infographic

When you combine the power of the mind and the force of social shopping, you have a mighty confabulation of social rules and subconscious needs. Together, these things play into the psychology of… Continue reading

Our Healthcare Referral System is Broken – Dollars wasted, lives lost

The Healthcare Problem: The Facts – Medical and dental referral letter issues. 11 disturbing facts of how paper based communication impacts the cost and security of the healthcare industry.  Billions of dollars are… Continue reading

Impact of Alcohol on your Body

The effects of alcohol consumption aren’t as simple or linear as your experiences would lead you to believe. Let’s take a look at the graphic below to better understand blood alcohol content and… Continue reading

Busting common health myths

Busting common health myths. The truth behind common health knowledge. Source:

Breast Cancer

Myths and facts about breast cancer. This infographic tells us that annually over 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer.  We’re also informed that all women over the age of twenty are encouraged… Continue reading

Guide to Nursing Specialties infographic

Everything that makes Nursing interesting, fun, and over the top as a profession. This is how you would want to see nursing in a whole lot of perspective. Source:

Cardiac arrest infographic

Cardiac arrest infographic. What you don’t know will kill you. The shocking truth about sudden cardiac arrest. Source:

Viruses infographic

The greatest human and digital viruses of all time. By Source:

Dialogue in design rheumatoid arthritis

In this Dialogue in Design infographic, Verilogue draws insightful conversational insights from our collection of exam room interactions in Rheumatoid Arthritis. What is the average length of RA physician-patient interaction? What are the… Continue reading

DNA facts

  17 things you should know about DNA. Source:

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